Hojeon Limited Mission


To upgrade quality of living by fashion that *everyone prefers.

  • The world

    Everyone means not only buyers but also every people who wear clothing.

  • Preferred Fashion

    Meaning clothing that is perfect in quality that responds to the trends, service, keeping the deadlines, and in reflecting the brand value.

  • It raises the quality of life.

    Upgrading quality of living is fulfilled by providing quality clothing with reasonable price, which contributes to the improvement of the quality of living.

Vision 2022

To become Global fashion leader capable of both production and distribution

  • The quantitative

    Sales in 2022 reaching 500 billion won and to become an *OBM corporation surpassing *OEM corporation.

  • The qualitative

    To be a role model of the sportswear industry where talented employees are eager to be recruited for generations.

Core Values

Core Values Trust, Creativity, Professionalism, Passion
Steadily growing Hojeon based on Trust, Creativity, Professionalism and Passion

Core Value : Promises, Creativity, Professionalism, Passion
  • Trust by keeping

    Keeping the promises with a considerable mind towards clients.

  • Creativity with flexible ideas

    Consistent improvement by having broader vision with flexible ideas.

  • Professionalism
    pursuing perfection

    Having exceptional knowledge and technology in the appropriate field and achieve make the best results.

  • Passion Passion to persistently fulfill responsibility

    Accomplishing our goal by overcoming difficulties, and fulfilling responsibility with patience.